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About UAE ESR - Best ESR Service Provider

UAE ESR is a top-notch provider of UAE compliance services. Based in UAE, we help entities in complying with the Economic Substance Regulations. We provide full support in filing and submitting the Annual Notification and Economic Substance Report.

Our approach to achieving ESR compliance for your business is unique, professional, and results-driven. We handle every client based on a long-term relationship of trust and commitment. We boast of a range of ESR compliance services. But, we also promise quality, accuracy, and timeliness in our services that attracts clients to our services.

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What makes us the best ESR service provider

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We boast of an expert team
We have a team of expert business analysts and strategic advisors. These professionals help you with the ESR applicability assessment. With a deep understanding of ESR applicability on businesses, we can resolve all your queries in no time.

Our strategic advisors are certified ESR assessment professionals with expertise in this field. They ensure to make your ESR compliance an easy and smooth process.
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We remain up to date with regulations and guidelines
We are well-acquainted with all the relevant ESR regulations in UAE. ESR UAE also remains abreast with the best practices for ESR compliance across the globe. This gives you access to the best of the ESR compliance services at a reasonable cost.
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We are committed to client satisfaction
We understand that you need to select the best partner to help you with ESR compliance. We are that partner that brings the best ESR compliance services to your business. We commit to make your operations easier and smoother.

We facilitate the submission of an accurate Annual Notification and Economic Substance Report on time. This is because we promise to helping you achieve your goal.
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We adopt a consulting role for generating business value
Our professional help for your business involves providing you the necessary advice and consulting support. We take our role as a consultant seriously and help you make the right decisions for your business. We handhold you for the entire duration of your journey to realizing ESR compliance.
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We ensure risk management for your business
During the step of analyzing your business operations for ESR applicability, we identify possible risk areas. This enables you to take corrective actions before any cancellation or suspension notice from the authorities. Thus, we provide innovative strategies to ensure your compliance with ESR reporting.

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ESR: Frequently Asked Questions

A licensee is a juridical person or an unincorporated partnership that is registered in UAE and conducts any one or more of the Relevant Activities. A licensee under ESR can be a:

• A public or private shareholding company
• A limited liability company
• A partnership
• A joint venture company

But, the following categories are not considered as a licensee:

• A natural person
• A trust
• A sole proprietorship
• A foundation
Entities are subjected to penalties in the following cases:

• When they fail to submit the Annual Notification
• When they fail to submit the Economic Substance Report
• When they provide incomplete or inaccurate information in any of the submitted reports
• When they fail to prove enough economic substance for the specific financial year in the country

In all of the above cases, the relevant authorities in UAE impose fines on entities.

In the case of inaccurate or incomplete information, the fine amount is AED50,000.0 for both notification and report. In the case of delay in submission, the penalty amount is AED20,000.0 and AED50,000.0 respectively for ESR Notification and ESR Reporting. In the case of failure to submit, the entities are penalized with an administrative penalty of AED20,000.0.
There are no exemptions for licensees in the submission of Annual Notification. But, there are exemptions for submission of the Economic Substance Report. These exemptions include:

• A Licensee that is not a tax resident in UAE
• A branch of a foreign entity that is subject to tax outside the UAE
• An entity owned by Emiratis or UAE residents, which is not part of a multinational group, but only carries on business in the UAE
• An investment fund and its underlying SPVs / investment holding entities

Economic Substance Regulations have been issued in response to the European Union’s list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes, in which the UAE has been enlisted. The regulation’s purpose is to promote tax transparency in the UAE.

Also, the ESR in UAE would help in preventing multinational corporations from obtaining tax advantages by artificially shifting profits to UAE (as so far, no corporate tax has been there, and tax to be proposed to be introduced is also at the lower rate), without actually having substantial business activities in the UAE.

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